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Women's Apostolic Movement (W.A.M) is a prophetic word that has now been birthed into the earth realm! I have been mandated to bring present truth in the way women can understand and be effective in ministry! If you are unsure of what the Lord has said, if you have not been recognized as an important part of the body of Christ,  if you are not being equipped for the work of the ministry, if you have been overlooked and kept seated in the pews, if you have no idea who you are and what your purpose is, if you have not been identified for destiny, if you don't know what the gifts of the spirit, if you have never had prophetic Ministry, if you need to be sharpened in 5-Fold ministry, If you are tired of drinking milk and want the meat of God's word, if you have not encountered the Glory and above all  IF YOU CANNOT HEAR GOD, this ministry  is for you!!!

This is a Network for Apostolic Women who are ready to Mobilize to reach the Globe. There will be more information added as we proceed forward.  Our Birthing services will be held in several States  and it is my prayer to reach millions of Women  for the cause of Christ.  if you know anyone who is struggling with their identity please give them the web address so that they will be connected to us for prayer!  
​God Bless You
Apostle G Marie Carroll