Apostle G. Marie Carroll Chief Prelate of Kingdom Builders International Movement For Christ Inc. Renowned recording artist, Vocalist, Writer, Producer, Minister of Music, Playwright, Poet And now Author Gwendolyn Marie Middleton was born to the late Joseph Middleton and late Prophetess Hattie Ruth Williams on April 13, 1952.

Apostle G. Marie was called to form Kingdom Builders International Ministries for Christ Church, Inc. on April 13, 2002 and was Installed as Pastor on April 10, 2004. Apostle G. Marie has ministered in many churches along the Eastern seaboard and has now been offered ministry opportunities in Europe and Africa.

Apostle G. Marie is a wonderful vessel sent by God for such a time as this. She is highly recognized in the body of Christ as an end time Prophet that reveals current truth with boldness. Her main goal is to empower the children of God to embrace The Kingdom Principles as outlined in Ephesians the fourth chapter.  She is dedicated to teaching the body of Christ to mature to th  e fullness of Christ that we all may comprehend His purpose for our lives.  

Apostle G.Marie is the Mother of Pastor/Prophet Charles Jenkins, Jr.(Salima), Mother of Prophetess Rikki Fuller (Min. Robert Fuller), Mother ofApostle/ Prophetess/Teacher Rickisha Hawkins, and Mother of Interpreter Dionna Smith, Grandmother to Evangelist Nyisha, Prophet Quadrel, Minister Charles Jenkins III, Minister Shaquan Fuller, Apostle Nejla Nicole-Rae Jenkins, Prophet Robert Lamarr Fuller, Jr.  She is also the spiritual mother to many who hold her ministry in the body of Christ in high esteem.

Apostle G. Marie was affirmed to the sent office of Apostle and Chief Prelate on April 8, 2006 with a host of Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, Teachers, Bishops, Elders and ministers. She vows to continue to lead the lost to the Cross and hopes and prays that many are saved by the work God is doing through her life. She is the Author/Publisher of 3 books " The Power of The Five-Fold, For The Perfecting Of The Saints", If there is no Power There is no prayer, School For Wisdom Apostolic Lessons Vol 1 all available on www.amazon.com .

She is available for Apostolic/Prophetic/Women's Conferences, Healing Concerts, Holy Ghost Revivals and Crusades.